I'm writing a book! This website is the project's home.

It is a book for graduates & students of architecture or design school. It is an exploration of writing in design. Visit the Blog, where I will be posting updates about the book. Sign up for occasional emails.

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Updates on progress, musings, outtakes, excerpts and random thoughts about the book, its various topics and key ideas.
What is my genre?

In refining my Instagram marketing strategy, I had to define a clear target audience for the project. This focused effort ensures that the communication aligns with a clear strategy and effective segmenting. The project's aim is to create a non-fiction pamphlet that explores the relationship between writing and design, though the exact thesis is still evolving.

The book will touch on various interconnected ideas, as depicted in an initial diagram. Taking inspiration from Seth Godin's concept of 'genre' in his book *The Practice*, the work will fit within an established framework while responding to specific concerns. Recognizing that true originality is rare, our goal is to provide a clear and comprehensible context for our audience.

Architectural pamphlets, which are concise and centered on a single idea, serve as a model for this project. This format contrasts with comprehensive works, offering a brief yet impactful exploration of the topic at hand. More updates will follow as the project progresses.

Design = drawing, making, writing

The blog post introduces a diagram outlining three domains of design, emphasizing the interconnectedness of these domains. It explains that the focus will be on writing as a subset of the overall design process, highlighting the importance of understanding how each part relates. The author expresses uncertainty about the diagram's finality but chooses to share it now for further contemplation.

A book for people who have been to architecture or design school

The book is designed for anyone who has been through architecture or design school, whether or not they have achieved licensure or registration. It emphasizes that many who complete architecture programs don't become formal architects, but can still carry a deep passion for the art of architecture. This passion and experience can be a foundation for exploring other creative and professional avenues.

Unregistered professionals can view their provisional status either as a limitation or as an opportunity. Instead of feeling inadequate without the official title, they can see the lack of definition as a chance to explore limitless possibilities in their design and creative work. The book encourages leveraging the uncertainty and undefined status to discover unique personal and professional identities.

For those who endured the rigorous critique and challenges of architecture school, the book offers a blueprint for harnessing their design passion in a new medium. It doesn't aim to replace the traditional aspects of architecture but to add another dimension to it through language, writing, and text. The goal is to reignite the desire to create and transpose it into a form where one can "draw with words."

Author Profile

Marcus Baumgart is a writer who designs buildings. He has an Architecture Degree with Honours, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Design, a Certificate in Business Coaching, a Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication Strategy and a range of other minor vocational and technical qualifications. 

Designing buildings is fun, but Marcus thinks of himself as a writer first and a designer a close second. 

Marcus has been a freelance journalist for two decades, and has well over a hundred essays, profiles, reviews and articles in print. His interviewing and journalism have focused on design-led and creativity-first businesses. He has interviewed scores of entrepreneurs, CEOs, architects, designers of all kinds (from UX to graphic, industrial, urban, and interior), illustrators, landscape architects, visual merchandisers, artists, craftspeople and artisans of all kinds. Writing.design is the logical conclusion of two decades of interviewing, thinking, designing, and - of course - writing.

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