what is the book about?

As the title implies, this book is about writing design.

Not writing in design, or writing of design, or even writing about design. It is not writing adjacent to design: it is writing as direct, potent, design process and product. This is about writing being as proximate and entangled in design as drawing is: in some way, just another manifestation of the same thing -  albeit in a transposed medium with different, and extremely useful, characteristics.

This book is not about writing before design or writing after design, but writing (and its by-product, storytelling) as simultaneous and coterminous with the design process. Again, just like drawing.


The book is for architects, interior designers, and other practitioners of design who have something in common: a burning desire to make that motivates their life’s work and fires their daily efforts. If you burn to make something, you can also harness that desire in the medium of the written word, in the service of  essential storytelling that can come to define your creative efforts. This little book shows you how.

Of course, the habitual writer also knows this desire. As Joseph Epstein says in his essay on solitude (“Alone Again, Unnaturally”), there is a category of writer who feels “less than fully alive when not writing”. This, too, can be transposed into the world of architecture and design, and I have known many practitioners who felt ‘less than fully alive’ when not in harness, at the drawing board, pencil in hand - either literally or figuratively. 

Why tell stories about design? Clarity of purpose promotes a clarity of outcome. It won’t magically cause it in a direct way, but there is a strong correlation. And clarity of outcome is of enormous benefit to your creative work. More to the point, and this is where the book gets down and dirty, clarity of outcome is of enormous benefit to your business. Your ability to sustain it, grow it, find new buyers, and keep your existing buyers coming back to you.

What is the story of your work?

You need to tell us, because communication isn’t everything, but everything you do must be communicated to find its cohort of supporters, champions and buyers. The book will make the case that storytelling is strategy: for creativity and art, but also for business and the bottom line.

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