Are the beginnings of our stories made, or found? Designed or discovered? Created or merely revealed? The answer is: both and neither at the same time. This simultaneity is characteristic of much of what we encounter as we go about the practice of creativity.

On the one hand, we craft a narrative from scratch. We ‘design’ or make it as a new, original thing, based on the source material. On the other hand, so much of the content is ‘uncovered’ or ‘discovered’ by the process of questioning and interviewing that we may be hesitant to claim authorship. It might feel more like just a record of what we have learnt.
Both design and discovery are integral parts of the creative process, in any medium, and the creative act hovers between them, never quite settling. It is something to both look out for and get comfortable with from the beginning. 

It may seem contradictory, but the seasoned creator knows, after many years of practicing in any medium, that they will wear both the designer and the discoverer hats repeatedly, and in turn. Knowing when to swap hats comes with experience.

© 2020 photograph Victor Hugo Zerron


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