Pivot One: Leaning into the world of architecture
Ok. I have been thinking about all this, I think the distillation process for the book has a way to run yet. As I actively refine the scope of the book, and focus it in ever tightening cycles of convergence, there are going to be points where I pivot. Those pivots may be more or less predictable in prospect, but more predictable in retrospect. I have begun reading Out of Architecture, by Jake Rudin and Erin Pellegrino. This has got me thinking about my own professional training and skills, which are informed by the world of architecture. It's a great work of nonfiction, by the way, but I will touch on its themes more in the future. 

Needless to say, Out of Architecture is focused on the culture, skills and work methods of those with architectural training, and specifically how those things can translate into a different career. Of course, the thesis of that book is 'get out' and into more fulfilling, less corrosive worlds of work; but the equation has a 'before' and an 'after' - and I am living the 'before' being in the world of architecture. Ironically, I think Pivot One is to turn into the architectural milieu more fully, as a method of convergence.  If I can boil down the essence of where the book should be, it will then open up again (divergence), moving from the highly specific to the universal once again. So next excerpt will be more archi-focused. Stay tuned.


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