Embracing uncertainty again: It's all a glorious tangled mess
I have been reflecting on the shift from writing.consulting to writing.design, and have to confess that the whole project is a bit of a tangled mess at the moment. I know from a quarter century working professionally on creative problems that this is a necessary waypoint on the path to integration and synthesis: things seem to fall apart. By this I mean that I am less sure of what the book project is about than I was a week ago, but that is exactly as it should be. This kind of unruly, messy uncertainty is an essential component of the process, and a sign things are on track or at least going well for now. No-one in the creative industries will find that surprising, but it is difficult to convince the uninitiated. 

I have turned my focus inwards onto the architecture and design professions specifically: this is my milieu, and where the majority of my design and journalism efforts have been located. I am slightly embarrassed to state things that are so obvious, but when you begin with a blank sheet, any possibility is worth considering: the obvious and the subtle. It is natural that I would gravitate back towards the worlds of design and architecture as the subjects of my book (in more than one sense - subjects and subjects), an outcome that will also seem obvious to some observers. Took me a while but I got there.

Let's see what emerges in the near future. 

Photograph credit Seng Kui Lim


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